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Rapid prototyping & deployment with a professional touch

Deciding how you create and deploy your first or next publication is one of those conundrums that requires a fine balance between quality, speed and cost. Using online resources can help you to write and deploy quicker, but they limit creativity by forcing you to use ‘cookie cutter’ templates and usually end up more expensive than you’d planned. Using a dedicated designer gives your masterpiece the professional touch whilst retaining creative control across the board, however the upfront cost is often higher than the cheaper online resources… it’s swings and roundabouts!

Can I help?

One option is to contact a Kindle expert, like myself, to see if we can find a solution that fits your needs. I’m a dedicated freelancer who takes your fresh manuscript in whatever format you provide, convert it to a recognised E-Book format and finally get it online for sale. I also love designing covers, setting clean layout, helping you with front and end matter, serialsing your content if required and getting the book on Amazon, Nook, Apple and Kobo so you/we can start promoting through Facebook. I also build simple, functional, eye catching websites to act as your digital customer contact point for when you progress through your author journey and start building a fan base.

A Quick Chat

I get emails all the time from prospective clients who need a simple question answered. Let’s talk about your current or next project (for free) and see if I can help you get it from an idea to reality. Send me a message here and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours, no hassle, no hard sell. I’m up front with my costs and consider myself competitive for what I offer. You’re serious about writing, I’m serious about about publications…

Amazon Deployment

My most popular service, because you leave all the leg work to me. I take your manuscript in whatever format you provide and turn it in to a masterpiece for selling via Amazon Kindle. Includes all text conversion, formatting, layout and deployment to all Amazon stores at a price point you choose. Cover design is typically a separate project but can be included as a bundled, cheaper, cost.

Amazon Deployment +

Just like above, your manuscript designed, finished, and deployed to Amazon PLUS all other major online retailers (Currently Apple, Kobo & Nook). There are pros and cons to this option which we’ll explore in detail before setting you up.

Book Covers

Happy with your manuscript? Got it reading good? All sorted to deploy through Amazon? It won’t sell unless you have a punchy book cover…and the competition is FIERCE! Well, most of the time, I often witness just plain destructive attempts to sabotage book sales though weak design. Want a traditional book cover? No problem! Sometimes, a traditional cover design won’t do your book justice, so maybe it’s time to think outside the box? There are a million and one options for cover design, and book sales start with an eye-catching cover…


Choose any of the options above and then add a website! Perfect for new or existing authors who need an online presence to help promote their work. I’ll be honest here, this option does add a fair additional cost and ongoing maintenance to your workload, but it does add that key digital contact point for your readers. If you’re looking build a fan base whilst you roll out a series of books, you need a functional website.

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