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CST-Together & DFID / UKAID
Borana 2019

Multi-faceted project with CST-Together’s Ethiopian office and the UK Government (DFID & UKAID) to produce end of project case-studies for presentation to sponsors & donars. Content gathering over four weeks in Southern Ethiopia’s Borana zone, followed by text and image post-processing. Final deliverable in PDF and InDesign format, stories constructed from interviews conducted during the field visits and one hundred images (ten per story) with relevant captions. The interviews were recorded at 48k Hz for archival purposes and provided with full GDPR authorisation. I additionally produced two landscape advertorials for each of the ten stories to help visualise the impact of the programmes.


January – May, 2019


Content gathering
Field visit
Creative writing
Graphic design
Publications layout

Photography / Content gathering / Audio Recording / Creative Writing / Graphic Design / Publishing

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